Capital Introductions

During our last 4 years of trial and error we understanding that finding the right capital partner is key in the growth of any company, our AI product intelligently aligns your company with a suitable capital partner, who is ready, willing, and able to accept your entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Relationship Management

Managing relationships is very time consuming and just plan difficult. our platform harnesses the power to efficiently manage your relationships and new ones so none falls through he cracks. whether you have 5 clients or 500 our platform efficiently manages it all. use us as your outsourced Chief Relationship Officer.

Profit analysis

blkboxx can deliver insightful and actionable analysis that clearly shows the net profitability of each Customer and each Offering with all expenses of the Company fully allocated to each one, enabling management teams to confidently take immediate action to dramatically improve overall profitability.

Company Executive Introduciton 

If your seeking introductions to C-level, VP, director, manager executives, our Ai product can target the exact individual in your particular industry sorted by management level with 98% contact accuracy. 

Direct Investments

blkboxx has built an investment arm using Ai and Machine learning to make calculated investment based on our own network. We only invest into companies that we can immediately add value with existing relationships. schedule a scoping session to learn more.

Due Diligence Services

We serve PE, VC, and Hedge Funds seeking due diligence services.

Our Process

1. Risk Tolerance

2. Business Model

3. Market Size and Trends

4. Competition

5. Management Team

6. Financials

7. Internal Processes

8. Customer Satisfaction

9. Sales and Marketing 

10. Legal Review/Issues

11. Capital Management

12. Human Resources

13. Risks Management and Insurance

14. Pricing

15. Technology

16. Valuation

17. Exit Strategy

Board Member Introductions

If your like most companies and are concerned about starting a board or finding new board members, we make it very friendly and efficient. We work with some of the most recognizable individuals in many industries on an advisory level so finding the right fit for your board is fast and efficient.

Staffing Services

hiring can be challenging even for biggest companies, there are quite a few elements that make up great hires, our Ai product is able to target individuals that share in your vision, don't guess be calculated and use data to make decisions.

Distribution and Channel Development

We focus on 3 main categories.

-Distribution Model Development. (Local, Regional, National, International, World-wide.)

-Sales Team Strategy, Development and Training.


-Marketing Strategies and Solutions. (Social/Digital, 3rd party sales platforms, Direct/Indirect models.)