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We are technological pioneers acutely recognizing trends and patterns early, and enabling you to leverage new and existing relationships to create efficiency in your entrepreneurial endeavors.


"A Clever Way To Do Business"

Our platform harnesses the power of Ai to match, connect, and engage with individuals  companies, investors, board members, & new hires who are ready, willing, and able to fully accept great entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Let Our Data Take Your Business to New Depths of Engagements

Use Data to Get a 360-Degree View of Your Business

Cloud Analytics &

We wish to offer you your own corporate fully customized security suite. The goal is to avoid using the big companies (Norton, Microsoft, Symantec, Kaspersky, AVG, etc.) and build selected clients their own, labeled, branded, security suite which will be fully controlled, at the source code level, by them.

Data Science Acceleration

We are focusing on the building intelligent interactive products based on the audience and behavior. We aim to identify new trends of Design & Technology which will provide sufficient boost to enterprises, founding business Members and emerging and Team ventures.

Versatility in our Application

We take a hands on approach not just relying on Technology, our world class group of consultants take over interaction landscape facilitating the "meet & greet" aspect of business development eliminating 75% of wasted meetings.


We Accelerate the shift from screening to closing. taking the tedious work out of research and standard business development  practices so the entrepreneurs can focus on the day to day of their business.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

BLKBOXX's partnerships go far beyond traditional cooperation, actively engaging throughout the project. Our unique Design Authority – delivering our clients with a cohesive strategy in the earliest phase, Product-focused AI methodology, as well as constant Knowledge-sharing effectively accelerate the entire project. Meet the ambitious, hands-on professionals we have chosen together to strengthen your endeavor. Our consultants go beyond traditional partnerships pinpointing the most effective communication channels, and complement your staff, overcoming any potential skill gaps by transferring our lessons learned and best global practices. 

Let’s connect during our scoping session to identify and evaluate your project needs. We understand that throwing money at a problem or putting technology in does not guarantee success. blkboxx has the uncanny ability to understand your business needs and plan the essential work ahead, maximizing our effectiveness.

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